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range rover evoque 300x203 Car Review For Range Rover Evoque Why don’t we own up that will this is actually the most serious Land Rover vehicle ever since Charles Spencer Double set up the Chrysler V8 power plant into the initial Assortment Rover automobile. Preceding products was the most strong marquees less than the Jaguar — noted V8 power plant yet that Soda superstar occur footballer’s wife’s comments style has not decreased simple connected with impressive inside manifesting the engineer’s enthusiasm. It really is without the first sort ‘manly’ characteristics common connected with Assortment Rovers, yet in a powerful globe hardly surprising will be a revelation sufficient. That probably are not the ponder if Tire Bankers design the next Jeep Commander to be able to command line whatsoever that commands in a four-cylinder only two. 0 power plant.
The power plant
becoming not really a two yet one turbo, one could be prepared to believe injuries connected with removing lag with no resorting to be able to the anti-lag procedure (ALS) happen. Believe become extremely drastically wrong to believe therefore. The Si4 fuel power plant is usually an aluminum light-weight device which is therefore quiet which you might neglect it has a power plant beforehand. Immediate injection are sometimes prolonged forgotten about phrase and also fully brand-new to the more youthful generation who had not the opportunity to be able to generate the specifically being injected 18 wheeler using a tougher-than-life controls, yet that fantastic SUV does not self conscious from the returning on time. That uses the most recent immediate injection along with leading-edge turbo charging bringing on a definitive yanking energy coupled with clean along with smooth response. Through only 1200 rpm, that gives amazing torque along with during high rates the energy can certainly reach 190 bop should you could remain that will. Another possibility is the two self-sufficient adjustable valve the right time that allows economic climate if the new driver will be circumspect while using pedal along with haste if they transforms lead-footed. While using economic climate of a three-cylinder, the growl of a five-cylinder along with torque commensurate using a V8, that automobile truly possesses one of the best collaboration identifiable along with motoring choices. Continue reading »

Jul 232014

The speed camera installed on the M11 at Chigwell, otherwise known as Site 050, has been one of the most profitable speed cameras in Britain for some time. The camera is notorious for being the one that clocked ex-MP Chris Huhne speeding, which led to his trying to transfer his points to his wife’s license. The discovery of Huhne’s attempt to avoid losing his license led to him losing his position as an MP. Why, then, is the Chigwell speed camera so profitable, and how successful are speed cameras in the UK?

The Chigwell camera has racked up more than £500,000 in fines since being installed in the early 2000s. Part of its success has been down to being in a zone where drivers have to suddenly change from 70 mph to 50 mph, and the camera has been criticised for catching out drivers, rather than giving them enough time to properly slow down. The impact of the camera can also be compared to the success rate of other cameras around the country for reducing accidents since being set up in the early 1990s.

While deaths on the road are down from 4,229 in 1992, some have questioned whether or not that’s been due to the cameras, or improving car technology and road surfaces. There are cases where cameras are particularly effective at preventing accidents, most notably in West London, where fatalities have fallen over the past decade. However, many of the speed cameras now seen on the roads are only warnings, and will not always record and penalise drivers.

Other potential technologies that could improve speed tracking include cameras with 3G, which can relay important data to each other if a car is passing at a speed that’s difficult to detect. TreadCams, which can be installed in road surfaces, could also measure speed. There are problems, though, with the effectiveness of new speed cameras – digital cameras installed on the M25 last year failed to produce a single ticket for drivers. Similarly, in the West Midlands, the police are having to remove more cameras and replace them with camera vans in order to save money.

More and more cars are now able to either react to, or accurately predict when they might be caught in a speed trap. Systems like Toyota Touch and Go can provide mapping and driver assist read outs that provide information on traffic and speed cameras during your journey. There’s also a wide range of different smartphone apps for working out when a speed camera is going appear – some of these apps include CamerAlert, TomTom Speed Cameras, and the AA’s own version. These devices are technically legal as an assist, rather than something that can be abused by drivers slowing down for cameras.

Any driver that does want to dispute a penalty notice, which is usually issued via a Notice of Intended Prosecution Order or a Section 172 Notice, can pursue a refund or a refusal to pay a fine through the courts. Faults with cameras, and being able to prove that you weren’t speeding at the time of the ticket, can be used. Trying to prevent speeding tickets from happening at all by paying attention to the speed limit, and by using apps to double check when a camera is coming up, is the best option for avoiding this problem, though.

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Eva Holmes  is a prolific internet blogger who spends most of her time writing about what she knows and loves – cars. Whilst born and raised in Essex, she now lives in Berkshire and can be often seen frequenting the used car dealers in Sandhurst.

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It is much more serious than what you think it is. Although you do not need much attention, may be the right insurance for your car is a sizeable difference if you  ever involved in a separate incident. If it’s someone else’s fault, you have lost control on a slippery road or an animal cross your path, at the wrong time, just something that happens in a moment, and it is this point, you start thinking about your insurance. Better think about the future and with your car insurance coverage.

There are many things involved in a policy that you should be aware. All the nuances and small should not escape your attention. Beware of anything written in your contract, You can always be sure that you and what your insurance costs.

There are many discounts you’re entitled to receive. Maybe you have not had an accident or you are a safe driver. Maybe your car has a number of specific safety devices, the calculation of your policy.

Learn more about the additional advantage that you can have in your policy, it is always a smart idea. Many insurance companies offer things like roadside assistance, towing coverage and cover glass, things you can add to your coverage. Other options may be available to you. Continue reading »

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Most people will now make use of satellite navigation apps for their cars. Indeed,

many people probably wouldn’t be able to get from A to B without them these

days, even when going to and from work. However, just how reliable are sat

navs, and there are any other options for drivers to consider, from traditional

maps through to built in navigation apps and software for models like the MINI


Some of the best sat navs that you can pick up at the moment include apps that

you can run on iOS, Android, and Windows phones; apps such as CoPilot provide

premium options for updating and specifying routes for your car, while

established brand names like Tom Tom offer a smooth interface. Apps like Waze,

by comparison, rely on real time traffic updates. You can also try using Google

Navigation and GPS Voice Navigation, with the latter making it easier to change

routes without manually updating your phone.

Reliability can still be an issue, though, even with this range of apps. Common

problems that users experience with sat nav apps include misdirection as the

result of out of date software, as well as relying on routes that might not longer

be the most efficient. Lorries and other long haul transport vehicles particularly

suffer as the result of infrequently updated software, leading to problems with

missed deliveries and expenses for companies.

1 1 Sat Nav Apps, How Reliable Are They?

In most cases, though, a sat nav will be more flexible and reliable than a

traditional paper map. Even with infrequent updates, sat navs can usually

include the most recent traffic information and any new buildings or speed

cameras. It’s still worth, however, keeping a paper copy of a map if you’re

travelling abroad, as this can help you if you lose a connection, or if you need a

broader perspective on where you’re going.

Some car models also come with a built in sat nav, which can make it easier to

integrate your navigation into the rest of a model’s features. For example, some

MINI Coopers come with their own sat navs, as well as Bluetooth and app

compatibility, meaning that you have the choice of using a standard or an

external app for navigation. Other brands, which include BMW and their

iDrive system, offer similar types of sat navs, making it more convenient in the

long run to use your car’s own navigation, rather than relying on other apps.

As a result, it’s important to balance out your use of sat nav apps with maps and

built in navigation technologies. If sat nav apps are updated regularly, then you

should be able to avoid problems with directions being wrong, or traffic

information not being sent out. Opting for navigation solutions for particular

cars and models can make it more straightforward, though, to run all of your

tech through your car’s dashboard.

Author Bio : Sophie Wiggins is a blogger with a special interest in automotive trends and the future

of the UK car industry. She is currently working in conjunction with Cooper MINI to raise awareness of

the fantastic offers around the UK.